Detoxification of the organism

Detoxification treatment

Where did we get the poisons in the body?

Today's pace of life imposes irregular diet, consumption of fast food, soft drinks, alcohol and use of canned products. Use of drugs for the treatment of various chronic and acute diseases is increasing. Our lungs are daily exposed to toxins originating from car exhaust fumes, cigarette smoke, combustion, dust and various chemicals. The skin gets exposed to harmful UV radiation, various detergents and chemicals intended for the maintenance of hygiene and beautification. Modern times undermines our life balance and immunity. The most common symptoms of the accumulation of harmful substances in the body are: nervousness, stress, nausea, constipation, feeling of bloating, headaches, lack of sleep, constant fatigue, allergies and skin diseases.

What toxins do to our body?

There are several mechanisms of influence of toxins in our body. Toxins act on our cells and organs, disrupt and damage their function, drawing the energy needed for normal operation. One of the mechanisms of action of poisons oxidative stress that occurs as a result of the formation of free radicals (reactive oxygen species, nitrogen, carbon and sulfur) that further damage cellular DNA, which can lead to major changes in work cells, and even to their mutations.

Poisons different backgrounds, leading to damage organ function and thus to the development of various acute and chronic diseases such as liver disease (cirrhosis, steatosis fatty liver), respiratory diseases (asthma, bronchitis, chronic obstructive airway disease), allergies, skin diseases (psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema), digestive problems (indigestion, flatulence), inadequate metabolism (obesity, hormonal imbalance), and even the most serious illnesses such as various types of tumors.

Liver is the main organ responsible for the metabolism of harmful substances. Damage to its functions under the influence of various toxins that they will enter through medication, food and beverages, reducing the protective role of the liver, which is a danger to our organism.

The Lungs are the organ that is constantly exposed to the harmful effects of exhaust fumes, smoke, dust, pollen and various vapors. Exposure to different irritating factors leading to the development of bronchitis, asthma, and inadequate treatment, with constant exposure to harmful substances, progresses in a far more serious condition.

The Skin is constantly exposed to harmful chemical products that damage the skin cells and disrupting local immunity. Disruption of the normal structure and function of skin cells is a leading cause for the development of skin diseases.

The Kidneys are one of the most important metabolic organ. Due to exposure to harmful substances renal function weaks, which leads to the accumulation of harmful substances in the blood and additional harmful effects of toxins in our body.

How to get rid of toxins?

Detoxification is an important treatment, primarily intended to prevent the harmful effects of toxins on the body. Toxins we consume daily, build up in the body and lead to health damage. Detoxification means to protect the body from the harmful effects of toxins, but also the elimination of toxins through bodily secretions and urine. It is shown that the positive effect of detoxification is immunity boost.

How Bioeliksir product works?

Bioeliksir Detox Treatment products represent a unique blend of herbal ingredients intended for detoxification of the body. Sinbio nose drops leading to the expulsion of secretions from the sinuses and the bronchi. Bioeliksir Pribio contains plant mixture that works on the elimination of excess water from the body, reducing swelling in rheumatic and similar diseases. Pribio enhances elimination of harmful substances through the urine. Special herbal components have a laxative effect and lead to the cleaning of the intestinal tract. Bitter herbs in Pribio have a hepatoprotective effect and lead to increase elimination of bile that leading to cleaning and detoxifying the liver. Suitable combinations of ingredients also operate in the breakdown of thick bronchial secretions, stimulates the elimination and eases expectoration.

Detoxification act preventive, strengthens the health and eases symptoms that occur as a result of the entry of harmful substances in the body.